Juvenile Traffic Bureau

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE.  It contains important information regarding traffic court dispositions, suspensions, court costs, points and driving privileges.  If there is a section of this form that you do not understand, please ask the hearing officer for clarification during your hearing.


As a result of your being adjudicated a Juvenile Traffic Offender, Ohio law may require that the Ohio B.M.V. impose additional suspensions and/or fees associated with your driving privileges to include those associated with the reinstatement of your operator’s license. Juvenile Court Personnel are not in a position to advise you regarding these additional conditions. For further information, please contact the B.M.V. toll free at 1-844-644-6268 or visit them online at https://bmv.ohio.gov/suspensions-reinstatements.aspx


  • Court Costs are established by the Ohio Legislature. A case initiation fee of $61.00 plus $49.00 for moving violations and/or $10.00 for non-moving violations will be assessed in accordance with Ohio law upon the filling of a complaint with additional cost assessed to you based upon the number of hearings and amount of activity during your case


  • 1ST & Subsequent offense(s)
    • Fine(s)
    • Court Costs
    • License suspension
    • Community control sanctions that could include probation, curfew, house arrest, electronic monitoring, drug testing, counseling, or placement outside the home.
    • Points being assigned against your driver’s license
    • Detention Center commitment for up to 5 days for OVI offenses.


  • Leaving the scenelicense suspension 3 months to 2 years
  • Failure to stop for school bus – fine up to $500.00
  • OVI/OMVUAC– License suspension of 3 months to 3 years, Court ordered treatment program, fine up to $250.00
  • Texting while driving
    • 1st offense – fine of $150.00 mandatory minimum 60 day licenses suspension
    • 2nd offense – fine of $300.00 and 1 year licenses suspension


  • Non-moving offenses – none
  • 16-year-old committing moving offense within the first 6 months of having license – B.M.V. may impose a restriction on one’s license requiring parental accompaniment for 6 months or until age 17, whichever comes first.


  • A suspension of 89 days or less:
    • Defendant must pay all court costs before the suspension is lifted
    • The Defendant or Parent may pick up the driver’s license at Allen County Juvenile Court between the hours of 8:30AM -12PM and 1PM-4:30PM Monday through Friday.
  • A suspension of 90 days or more
    • The original driver’s license is mailed to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    • Must pay a reinstatement fee to B.M.V.
    • Must re-purchase driver’s license
    • Must retake drivers exam (written and driver’s test)
    • Complete juvenile driver improvement course approved by the Ohio B.M.V.
    • If you have any questions regarding a suspension of 90 days or more please contact the B.M.V. toll free at 1-844-644-6268 or visit them online at http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/suspensions-reinstatements.aspx


  • MAY be granted with ANY suspension or restriction, however, they are usually limited to work and school purposes.
  • Simply applying for driving privileges does not guarantee the privileges will be granted
  • Defendant will be notified by telephone IF privileges are granted
  • If privileges are not granted, an entry will be mailed to the Defendant and Parent
  • Privileges are reviewed on a first come first server basis and are strictly up to the discretion of the hearing officer
  • There is not a minimum or maximum time frame for a decision to be generated on driving privileges
  • Requirements
    • Hand written letter from juvenile requesting privileges
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Proof of employment with address on letterhead from the employer/manager
    • Proof of enrollment in school with address on school letterhead
    • Fines and cost paid in full
    • Proof of any extra circular activities on letterhead from a coach or supervisor


  • Most moving violations are 2 points. Some exceptions are as follows:
    • Fleeing officer – 6 points
    • Leaving the Scene- 6 points
    • Street racing- 6 points
    • DUS 4510.037(J) & 4510.4- 6 points
    • Any felony– 6 points
    • OVI (A section)– 6 points