COVID-19 Information

To: Allen County Bar Association
From: Judge Derryberry, Allen County Probate and Juvenile Court
Date: November 16, 2020

Members of the Bar:

Due to the resurgence in number of COVID-19 cases and potential exposures, and to minimize risk to the public and Court staff, the Court has established a staggered work schedule for staff working in the Probate and Juvenile Court Clerk’s offices. This means that on any given day, those offices are working at essentially one-half of usual staffing levels. In order to accommodate lunch breaks for staff, it has become necessary that the Probate and Juvenile Clerk’s offices be closed daily between the hours of noon and 1:00 P.M. No Clerks will be available to accept filings during that time.

To accommodate that change in business hours, drop boxes have been placed just inside the public entrance to the Court facility. Filings and other submissions to the Court may be placed in the appropriate drop box and will be retrieved and processed by the Clerks periodically throughout the day. The drop boxes will not only be available from noon to 1:00 P.M., but will be available  throughout the day during the Court’s regular business hours. The drop boxes are intended to further reduce public traffic in the building as the pandemic continues. You and your staffs should utilize the drop boxes instead of passing through security to enter the building in order to submit filings.

During the ongoing pandemic, the Probate and Juvenile Court also continues to accept filings utilizing both email and facsimile. Please utilize the following for those submissions:

PROBATE COURT: – for email filings

(419) 221-0460 – for facsimile filings

JUVENILE COURT: – for email filings

(419) 222-7403 – for facsimile filings

During the current pandemic, filings received via email or facsimile will be stamped and treated as original documents and there is no requirement that the original document thereafter be submitted to either of the Clerk’s offices. 

The Court will, when possible, continue to utilize all available forms of technology to further minimize the volume of traffic in the building, but when necessary, will continue to hold in-person hearings as well. Counsel and the parties will be notified by the Court to when an in-person appearance is required, and will be provided with any contact information necessary to participate in the hearing utilizing alternative video and audio technologies.

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic simply makes everything we do exponentially harder, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we all attempt to navigate these difficult times.


Judge Derryberry

As with many public and private sector departments, organizations, and businesses, the current COVID-19 public health emergency has affected the daily operations of the Probate & Juvenile Divisions of the Allen County Common Pleas Court.  Please download our latest special order regarding court security and review the following information prior to visiting a court facility.

  • Face coverings (cloth, N95, surgical, etc.) or Plastic face shields are required to be worn by all persons entering a Court facility.

Covid-19 Operational Policies Updated 8/26/21

Miscellaneous Order & Special Court Security Orders Update Effective June 2, 2021

JDC Covid-19 Notification